Adidas Consortium collaborate with BDGA of Boston, the result is a ZX FLUX with a notably understated aesthetic. Inspired by the ambience of Stanley Kubrick’s cinematic masterpiece “2001: A Space Odyssey” the shoe couples a warm palette of yellows, reds and oranges with a deep black reminiscent of the all encompassing void of outer space.
Constructed in a densely woven nylon featuring an asymmetrical panel with strands of reflective yarn covering the full toe-box and parts of both sides. Suede leather is used on tongue and heel stabilizer adding more depth to the overall appearance of the shoe. Just as the steel grey of the spaceships and the white interiors present a stark contrast to deep space in the film, the off-white outsole–with a speckled back panel–offers an equally strong contrast on this ZX Flux.
zx-flux-bdga-1200x800-04 zx-flux-bdga-1200x800-03 zx-flux-bdga-1200x800-05 zx-flux-bdga-1200x800-02 zx-flux-bdga-1200x800-06

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