Launch 27th February

Founded in 2002 as modest independent streetwear shop in Copenhagen, Wood Wood since then has evolved into a highly dynamic global design entity. Renowned for their sophisticated mens- and womenswear, the brand has been spearheading a group of young European brands known for their smart fusion of streetwear aesthetics with sophisticated fashion principles. Wood Wood’s signature design language has become almost idiomatic for the Scandinavian style so popular today.


Besides their seasonal collections, the brand has built a solid reputation through their highly conceptual product collaborations over the years. In preparation for this project with adidas Consortium, Wood Wood signed up for an advanced astrophysics lecture centered around a major discovery in 2014. That year, scientists announced what they believed to be the indirect detection of gravitational waves in the afterglow of the Big Bang. As the last untested prediction of Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, nding gravitational waves proved to be quite a big deal… Besides its groundbreaking scienti c importance, an early depiction of this pattern – line segments intersected by shaded areas of orange and blue – turned out to deliver a visually striking design. Wood Wood incorporated elements of this chart into the design of their UltraBOOSTs. Alternating blue and orange color highlights are found throughout both shoes – as inserts on the midsoles, color-markings on the Torsion sole elements, heel straps and extra set of laces for the black men’s version, as well as colored insole branding. For the women’s version Wood Wood exchanged the lacing system with an elastic mid panel creating a futuristic slip-on style.


Wood Wood’s research into astrophysics served as an initial spark for this project and even though they took to challenging heights with their conceptual approach, the resulting designs of both of their UltraBOOSTs stayed down-to-earth and quintessentially wearable. The subtle, technical detailing complements the innovative core of the adidas Primeknit UltraBOOST and attests to Wood Wood’s experienced design sense.












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