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Over the past four seasons, adidas Originals x alexander wang has established a point of view that resonated in the world of fashion and culture. Its guiding principle of Strictly Wrong subverts commonly accepted rules to spend all preconceived notions of how a fashion collaboration should launch.

With the collaboration now established in 2019, we move into a different phase, maintaining momentum but focusing on a more commercially accessible collection and new product story in, “Club Leisure.”

This season, Alexander Wang disrupts familiar iconography with a collection that subverts the fitness athleisure trend. Blurring the lines of past and present, the Season 5 collection recontextualizes apparel from the ’80s and ’90s workout dance phenomenon as modern club wear — designed to seamlessly go from the couch to the club.

The campaign brings the collections inspirations to life with a scenario that revolves around a ’90s-inspired hiphop dance instructional video. Authentically rooted in dance, with original movements created by an influential choreographer, Tanisha Scott, we portray real New York City dancers wearing the collection while they move and pose around a jungle gym set with stylized lighting. The campaign tone is nostalgic without feeling old, familiar yet surprising.

The campaign imagery and moving content celebrates the playfulness of the new collection and spirit of the Originals brand, bringing sport and lifestyle together in unexpected ways.

The adidas Originals x Alexander Wang footwear collection will be coming to limitEDitions WMNS on April 20th.

adidas AW Soccer Bball x Alexander Wang

adidas AW Soccer Bball x Alexander Wang

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