Launch 18th July
Celebrating the 25th birthday of the Ventilator, Reebok have collaborated with Taiwan’s Invincible store to create an understated tribute to this classic runner from the early-90s.

Dubbed ‘Wild Jungle’, there’s an obvious contrariness at work with the theme. Rather than spell it out literally using every exotic print in the animal kingdom, this is a tonal effort which favors delicate subtlety over a sledgehammer visual approach.
White-on-white-on-white will go down as the easygoing colorway of 2015, but in the hands of Jimmy Wu at Invincible, there’s a whole lot more detail here than first meets the eye. The upper sports a menagerie of textures, with ultra-white garment leather, off-white suede and natural nubuck mixing it with croc-embossed toe boxes. Custom ‘Zebra’ stripes add a highly reflective flash.
Reebok_Ventilator_Invincible_8Reebok_Ventilator_Invincible_4 Reebok_Ventilator_Invincible_5 Reebok_Ventilator_Invincible_6 Reebok_Ventilator_Invincible_3 Reebok_Ventilator_Invincible_7 Reebok_Ventilator_Invincible_2

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