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To further celebrate their 30th Anniversary, Li-Ning has prepared an extensive Drop 2 to their AW20 “Future Vintage, Sport Formal” collection. And though apparel plays a big role in the entire range, footwear leads with both fan favorites and new GORE-TEX outfitted styles.

For something more trail-equipped, the Titan Halo, two creations that are sleek in profile yet aggressive in their leading motifs.The Titan Halo mirrors everyday outdoor runners, it just uses a removable rubber band, studded counter, and hollowed outsole to set itself apart.

Li-Ning Titan Halo

The Titan also shares its moniker with a GTX-modified variant, but while they may be identically named, the latter arrives far more dominant. Its sole is far more robust, and lacks the center-placed cut-out, while the base adorns with paracord and a branded carabiner.

Li-Ning Titan GTX

Li-Ning Titan

Inspired by traditional jade carving, the Arc Ace opens up the collection with a subdued, white-on-white scheme. Its lattice construction and sculpted midsole remain intact, simply hued neutral to better suit the season.

Li-Ning Arc Ace

Similarly, the Furious Ace Element is delivered in diferent colorways , each featured with translucent detailing and a design heavily reminiscent of past Furious Rider iterations.

Li-Ning Furious Rider Ace Element

Li-Ning Furious Rider Ace

The Wind Ranger is where the pack begins to get more interesting. In just visuals, the model is brutalist, futuristic, and yet still grounded in the same performance-themed aesthetic. Track spikes embed underfoot — chiseled down so as to be wearable — while the upper leads with a transparent velcro-closed cover atop its lace unit. Bits of neon color then accent throughout across the darker option, while the light pair simply finishes with a small bit of gum and bright red.

Li-Ning Wind Ranger

AW20 then closes with the unveil of the Wu Xing GTX, a somewhat rounded shape that masks its outward utility with inviting form. Glossy tiled finishes treat the sides, both the lateral and medial marked with GORE-TEX branding. Thickened rubber bottoms then finish below, while Zipstopper fasteners complement rather than detract from the sleek template.

Li-Ning Wu Xing GTX

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