Launch 6th June

Homegrown Italian meets authentic Japanese in Diadora’s latest collaborative model, the “Aperitivo.” The venerable Italian sportswear brand has joined forces with Japanese retailer mita sneakers to create a tasty fusion of flavors mixed all the way through Diadora’s iconic N.9000. The “Aperitivo” starts with a combination suede, leather and mesh upper, done in smooth shades of orange and yellow. Splashes of grey can be seen in the speckled heel, while bold white accents throughout the shoe’s upper and sole add a welcome sense of contrast. Thick, yellow and black hiking boot laces finish the shoe’s look, giving the “Aperitivo” a unique, yet highly distinctive flavor.
mita-sneakers-x-diadora-n-9000-aperitivo-01 mita-sneakers-x-diadora-n-9000-aperitivo-02 mita-sneakers-x-diadora-n-9000-aperitivo-03 mita-sneakers-x-diadora-n-9000-aperitivo-04

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