OVERKILL has a long-standing history and very special relationship with the adidas Equipment. Back in 2010 the shop hosted an exhibition in celebration of the Equipment Support Runner’s 20th anniversary. The first re-issue, as well as many of the subsequent editions, turned out to be especially popular among OVERKILL’s loyal customer base. Thus, picking the Racing 93, another icon from the Equipment family, for their first collaborative project with adidas was an easy, an almost obvious choice.

The Racing 93 by itself is an eye-catching silhouette with an accentuated lacing system that acts as external stabilizer. Instead of blending it in subtly with the overall appearance of their model, OVERKILL emphasized this element even further. By setting it in black/reflective-grey they created a stark contrast to the shoe’s beige-colored nylon upper. This main tint is a direct reference to the standardized finish on German Taxis. As the preferred method of transportation they play an integral role in offering a comfortable commute through Berlin’s bustling nightlife, even more so during the colder months lying ahead.

Looking closer at the details such as the grey speckled sole, the red highlight on the heel and the yellow tag on the tongue, it becomes obvious that OVERKILL managed to deliver a complete picture for their homage: grey tarmac, red tail-light, and yellow Taxi sign on top. The finish is as premium and well-balanced as expected on this shoe. Soft black leather, another contrasting detail, is used for the liner while beige suede on toecap and heel as well as tonal laces round off this execution.


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