Launch 1st August
The 25th Anniversary of the Reebok Ventilator continues with The Hundreds latest Zodiac-inspired collection. Utilizing both Bobby and Ben Hundreds’ zodiac signs of Aries and Taurus, the two colorways reflect each founder’s personality traits. The clean white based Ventilator is an homage to Ben’s Taurus sign and is representative of the white Cretan Bull myth, while teal vibes are a nod to the chill vibe of LA’s surf scene. Bobby’s Aries ventures off with a contrasting vibrant red in an effort to symbolically depict fire while gold accents nod to the Golden Fleece myth. Each pair comes equipped with premium full-grain leather, pig suede, and 3M accents.
the-hundreds-reebok-ventilator-zodiac-collaboration-02 the-hundreds-reebok-ventilator-zodiac-collaboration-03 the-hundreds-reebok-ventilator-zodiac-collaboration-04 the-hundreds-reebok-ventilator-zodiac-collaboration-05

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